Seaplane Air Transportation for your Projects • Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Business and Pleasure


Québec is a huge territory where economic facts of life are far different in one region to the next.

Air transportation is definitely a means to accessibility, but well-designed installations are a must in order to provide the expected services. We have established such well-designed installations in three different areas

In the Laurentians at Riviere-Rouge

Where our Head Office has been since 1976, in addition to our Operations Control Station and Reservation Centre. Aircraft servicing and maintenance is also done at the main base in Riviere-Rouge, which is the departure point for one of our five outfitters operating south of the 49th parallel.

In Mauricie

In Mauricie, our seaplane base in Parent allows us to provide express service. Because Parent is close to major hunting and fishing destinations, many enthusiasts start-off from there. Our seaplanes are also often used for aeromedical evacuation to major medical centres or to fly forest firefighters.

Hydrobase à Parent, Québec, Canada

On James Bay territory…

On James Bay territory, LG-4 was chosen as an all-round fly-out base located at kilometre 286. We provide lodging, food, unleaded gas, diesel, avgas, lubricants, plus a full-range of services. The staff is super courteous and concerned in lending a helping hand, words with true meaning in these remote regions.

LG-4 is our tie point with the Great North. It is from this base that seaplanes take to the air to reach Cargair Outfitters’ hunting and fishing territory. We also provide transportation for independent groups of fishermen and canoers looking for adventure on crystal-clear rivers.

Several mining companies have also picked our LG-4 base to establish their Operations Control Centre and fly-out station to their exploration sites. We have ultra-modern communications, huge parking and storage areas with suitable loading and unloading equipment.


It may sound like we’re repeating ourselves, but it goes without saying that the diversity of our seaplane fleet allows us to offer customized service to our clientele. This distinctive fact is our President’s pride. Offer customers a service that meets their needs. No more no less. Why charter a Beaver when a Cessna is befitting. At Air Mont-Laurier we have both … he loves to say!

Flight safety

One Otter, two Beavers and one Cessna make up the actual fleet. Each of these aircraft is equipped with the latest high-performance technology. It’s a plus value with regards to operating costs, safety and problem-free fun.

Maintenance staff is concerned

Our seaplanes are under ceaseless care. Our maintenance personnel is meticulous and proud of the aircraft they are entrusted with, and certainly not impervious to this feeling are our customers’ comments on the tip-top condition of our seaplanes.

Self-employed fishermen or canoeists

Air Mont-Laurier’s pilots didn’t just “drop from the sky”. It is often said that working for a family-owned business is not easy, well, this definitely applies to us. We trust them with something precious! Our customers. We insist on unequivocal discipline and responsibility awareness. Once they have completed their training, they pitch in with all their might and that makes them part of the family.

Seaplane Charter, Pilot and our Expertise