Lac du Mâle Outfitter • Mauricie, Quebec, Canada

Walleye and Pike fishing

Real stories…

The Lac du Mâle Outfitter are part of the Gouin reservoir, a place where some of our guests encountered rather hilarious situations. Such as the time when a pike jumped right in the boat of a group of French fishermen, or for instance, when this American chap was dragged overboard by a supposedly some thirty pounds pike… then, there’s the lady who caught two walleyes and one pike on the same lure, and last but not least… a freshwater Jaw gulping down a loon right in front of eight guys busy filleting fish in the fish shack…I keep telling myself these stories are just a whole lot of nonsense, but why wouldn’t I share them. They’re true, no two ways about it!
By: Norman Ouellette

The cottages are intimate in a small bay

Lac du Mâle is a peaceful place where the cottages are set back in a little bay adjoining the big lake. We established ourselves at the Gouin reservoir in 1976 and there sure is a peculiar magnetic current that pulls a great many of our customers to return year after year. Three groups have never missed their annual rendezvous in 32 years, can you imagine. Several tally up to twenty years and more, and over time… stories get written-up in the Souvenir Book.

Pourvoirie Lac du Mâle au Québec, CA

The lake is fed by 2 rivers

Lac du Mâle used to be a natural lake long before the dam was built in 1923. This is why the lake-floor offers so many structures and significant troughs. No matter the water level, the key fishing spots are always accessible. The lake is fed by two rivers inviting a large quantity of forage fish. The food store is always jam-packed.

A few islands adorn the panorama and a stop near any of them will often provide nice surprises. They also serve as wind shelter. The point and Eagle Bay are full of unexpected wonders, whether a large school of walleyes or huge pikes hidden in the bays.

The fish is there permanently

Lac du Mâle has an endless stock of fish throughout the season. One only has to adapt fishing techniques according to the fishing period.

 Our friendly Customer Service Representative will welcome you and our guide will be happy to share a few good tips.

Lac du male is defined as a North-West part of the Gouin reservoir. Fishing activities are subject to Quebec province regulations and to the Wild Life Community Area management (WCA). This organisation ensure that regulation is followed. Patrols are frequent and officers are sworn in to
issue statement of offense to those who failed to the regulation.

Fishermen must have and hold at all time in boats a provincial fishing license and the access right from WCA both sold at the main seaplane base.

Canadian resident must hold a Pleasure Craft Operator card. We supply mandatory safety equipment kit contained in the orange yellow holder fixed in the boat.

Our sixteen (16) foot aluminium boats are powered by Mercury four stroke 15 hp. Two swivel seats per boat are safely fixed to the bench.

Our cabins are fully housekeeping equipped. Each one has a bathroom with shower. Heating is provided by an oil burner, Secondary lightning and oven are propane powered equipments, the refrigerator and main lightning power is provided by a central generator running from 6 am to 10 pm.

Water is not potable. We recommend do bring a minimum to save weight in the aircraft and buy additional needs once on the site. The care taker will complete your order as well as different kind of sweet liquors (Pops) Beer can be ordered in advance and it will be on the site at your arrival.

The knowledge of Quebec fishing regulation is important. It is available on the internet by visiting Quebec government site MFFP fishing regulations. Our care taker can supply information once on the site. Gouin reservoir walleye limit is eight (8). The size range of the fish kept must be within 32 to 47 CM. Northern Pike limit is 10 without any length range but we recommend to return trophies back to their natural habitat once pictures are taken.

It is forbidden to use bait fish dead or alive on the Gouin reservoir. Worms and leech are mostly used as lures. Worms only are on sale at the main seaplane base and at lac du Male.

We hardly recommend to judiciously prepare your gear to stay in the allowed aircraft 100 pounds weight limit per passenger. Being overweight is not an offense in itself but keep in mind there will be a reasonable additional billing.

Pleasure and comfort for your fishing activities!