Jesmer Outfitter • Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Moose Hunting + Brook Trout Fishing

Jesmer Outfitter was created and launched for the enjoyment of the general public in the fifties. It is also the story of a dreamer, who wanted “mankind” to have the benefit of this natural wilderness where trout fishing and moose hunting were of phenomenal grandeur. Alike the territory at Tibériade Outfitters, it is a rather mountainous terrain also divided by a river. In fact, Rivière aux Bleuets flows in an uproar from north to south and runs into Rivière Bazin, which is the south boundary of Jesmer Outfitter. Oddly enough, on the west side of the river you can fish for speckled trout, while on the east side you cast mostly for northern pike and pretty large specimens too.

Moose population…

The density of the moose population is very high, obviously due to the outstanding wildlife habitat. Old-fashioned traditional hunting, on foot by way of trails, is also practised. Tree stands are built in strategic places and watercrafts are at the disposal of hunters.

Trout fishing also holds a few surprises. There was no fish stocking in these lakes. The native wild trout is voracious and to catch 1.0 kilo specimens is a current occurrence. Although they are not the average catches, we must admit.

Northern pike families

For a few thousand years, families of northern pike settled at both lakes Dorothy. Curiously, these waters are more apt to foster the survival of speckled trout. Because of the large population of pikes and their very size, honestly, few swimmers venture in these waters. An average 4 kilo catch is a current occurrence, and some 12 kilo pikes were captured, mainly at lake Grand Dorothy. We are told that families of ducks don’t last long on these lakes. There are tales galore on the subject.

The black bear, the wolf, the fox and the bobcat are frequently seen

Of course, the territory harbor many other species. Black bears, wolves, foxes and bobcats are often sighted, but contrary to popular belief, they do not expose themselves to humans long enough so that you get the chance to watch them. On the other hand, beavers, otters and American martens are aplenty throughout the territory, and comes sundown, if you keep very quiet you can observe their comings and goings.

Bird-watching buffs are well served as there are many bird species to be seen, none less interesting than the mighty “bald eagle” having its huge nest just a few kilometres to the south. It often flies high over the Jesmer territory. Different strains of ducks come to rest on our lakes for the hatching period and some great morning you wake up to the melancholic wail of the loons.

The Jesmer territory shelters an array of fascinating and uncommon wildlife. To stay there is to attune oneself to the pace of animal life.

Hunting in pleasure, joy and comfort…

Norman Ouellette and his son Jesse fly Beaver and Otter seaplanes built in the 1960s. The fall and moose season is in full swing. They must repatriate isolated hunters in a camp of the outfitter of Air Mon-Laurier…